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Clinical Processes
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Information Management

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General Data Protection Regulation
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Information Management
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About us

Decisions based upon poor quality data is in best case worth nothing. Our main focus is the ever growing amount of data leading to exponential accelerating information increase. We help our clients to use the growing wave of data to their advantages!

It's not only about technology. It's about processes, information management, people and organisations learning to use technology and data to there own advantages. We are using past and realtime data to improve and develop.

This is leading to the foundation of future decision and knowledge management. We are bridging the gap between data growth, information management, process development and Organisational Psychology.

CIMS can help you with all the challenges of Information Management in Clinical Drug Development. The Team at CIMS consists of highly devoted collages who strives to create an innovative working environment. We focus upon diversity as the driver for solving strategic and operational issues related to information management.

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