CIMS is CQI/IRCA certified as lead auditors

CIMS will ensure your data integrity - All the way

CIMS works from the CenterPoint of data, information and process in drug development. Our services are centred around data where we can support specialist in-depth and cross functions as needed. We facilitate that data and process are integrated and in compliance.

Information QA/QC

Quality Management Systems
Tracking Systems
Quality Reporting
Information Logistics

Clinical Processes

CRO integration and management
Information Management
LAB integration
Clinical Information Management Systems
Trial Management and Data Documentation

Vendor Management

Project integration
CRO vendor relations
Organisation development
Data/information handling
Outsourcing management

Data & Statistics

Data Management
Information Management

Data Processes

General Data Protection Regulation
Data exchange procedures
Enterprise Architecture Analyses
Data handling audits


Information Management
Systems & IT
Tracking Systems
Clinical Informatic

About us

Decisions based upon poor quality data is in best case worth nothing. We help our clients to use the growing wave of data to their advantages!

It's not only about technology. It's about processes, information management, people and organisations learning to use technology and data to there own advantages.

We are bridging the gap between data growth, information management, process, security and quality all the way in the information supply chain management.

CIMS can help you with all the challenges of Information Management in Clinical Drug Development.


More information about our unique solutions. Please find below our PDF-brochures with details about our support and services:

  CIMS Brochure

 CIMS Clinical Informatic

 CIMS Data Protection System (DPS)

CIMS Reporting Apps


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