Outsourcing of production has become a significant risk

Take back control over your production and Supply Chain Management based upon risk based selection of process elements. Use  ISO 9001:2015 and PDCA process to implement process elements in your own control.

Risk Based pull back production process elements requires insight in the full process

Information collection and controlling information flow, data models, analysis, process, systems integration, regulatory requirements, statistical methods, knowledge management, Quality Assurances and Control, CMO integration, Quality Control Process implementation, Information Management.

ISO 9001:2015  PDCA Metodologi

Select the right elements and pull execution of those back inhouse

Take back single elements of the outsourced production chain and regain control.

  • Map out the process
  • Find the critical process elements
  • Describe the Back source process as an ISO PDCA process
  • Work with the SMC risk based approach