Tracking of Operational progress and development depends upon quality data and it’s availability

CIMS Reporting Apps establish the connections needed

CIMS reporting Apps is integration between

  • Company process
  • Planning
  • KPI integration
  • Apps deployment
  • Establish reporting functions for all layers in the company
  • Monitoring Progress and Quality
  • FSP integration

CIMS Report Apps

Will generate all necessary reports on an automated basis with client specied internals. Daily, weekly, monthly etc.

Based on scientic statistical tests and Articial Intelligence (AI) the reports can evaluate progress, status and probability for delays on all ongoing tasks. CIMS report apps also offer AI trending based on your real operational data, which can predict incidences before they happens. Reports can be generated to reflect different stakeholder’s needs.

Don’t drown in Information load…

…it’s manageable

If you do the right thing!